Topic outline

  • Before you start!

    The course is structured around four quests. Debriefing quizzes will be available after you complete the first three quests. A Certificate of Completion will be available for download to logged in participants who successfully complete the three final quizzes and provide feedback through the evaluation questionnaire at the bottom of this page.

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  • Quest 1: Understanding the UN system

    Explore the history, key accomplishments, organizational structure and collaboration mechanisms of the UN system.

    The Debriefing Quiz for Quest 1 will be available here after you complete all four missions of the quest. 


  • Quest 2: Joining the UN

    Reflect on your role as an International Civil Servant. Discover what it’s like to join the UN system, explore the high standards and values to which you commit, and review techniques to manage your personal and career growth to achieve your own goals while helping others.

    The Debriefing Quiz for Quest 2 will appear here after you complete all four missions. 

  • Quest 3: Present and Future of the UN

    Discover how the UN is responding to emerging global challenges in sustainable development, human rights, peace and security and humanitarian assistance. 

    Complete all four missions to access the Debriefing Quiz. 

  • Bonus Quest: Explore the UN System


    Explore the interactive map to dive deeper into the work of different UN bodies, agencies, funds and programmes, departments and offices.

    Complete this bonus quest to unlock the UN Explorer Award and work towards your special red Laissez Passer!

  • Course Completion

    A Certificate of Completion will be available in this area once you have successfully completed the three final quizzes and provided feedback through the evaluation questionnaire. 

    An additional Certificate of Completion will be available to those who receive all four awards to acknowledge their achievement. Well done!